Bindas Movie Review of Stanley Ka Dabba

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Director Amol Gupte is very magical with children. and that is because Amol looks to be as much a psychologist as a moviemaker. after writing 'Tare Zameen Par', he directs and write 'Stanley Ka Dabba', another heartwarming movie about kids just being kids, with all their cares and carefree abandon. and adults just being adults, with all their idiosyncrasies, quirks and secret anguish.

The beauty of the movie lies in its sheer authenticityu and simplicity. the movie creates a slice of life from the pages of any and each school in small and big town in india. where children just want to have fun and teachers want to be the proverbial killjoys. of cource there're some exceptions, such as the famous Miss Rosie played by Divya Dutta who generously sprinkl conversation with terms of endearments and encourage each and every glimpse of creativity in the children. the bigest bugbear however is sir Babu bhai Verma played by the director Amol Gupte who is more intrested  in gobbling the children food rather than teaching the subject hindi. Stanley becomes his pet peeve because he never seems to have his dabba, still end up his food with his friends. why? because he is the most famous boy in the class and hid friends simply adore him. needless to say, Stanley missing Dabba becomes a metaphor for his mysterious life..

The other mainpoint are the sterling performances. Almost all the adults have created movie perfect portraits of the several types of teachers all of us have grown up with. but in the end, it is the children who walk away with all the laurels, especially young Partho as Stanley remains with you, long after curtain call.

Don't miss this nuanced and rich soul curry for both, the sdults and the young heart. it's very nice movie to watch.

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Bindas-news : Zarine Khan's catfights with Sonakshi &Katrina

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Bollywood actress Zrine Khan crossed into cinedom with the movieVeer which did not exactly veer towards its success.

Bollywood’s new actress Zarine some tabloids seem to think so, who was quickly dubbed as "Fatrina", courtesy her generous size and also lauded with the sobriquet of being "the poor man's Katrina Kaif" is now collecting acclaim for her song 'character dheela hai' number with Salman Khan in the Anees Bazmee helmed movie 'Ready'.

Meanwhile, she is also sacking a fair share of publicity for her so-called catfights with Sonakshi Sinha and her stinky equation with Katrina Kaif.

Expectantly, Zarine Khan is burning away on all cylinders refusing such tattle and dismissing it as "all nonsense." States the actress Zarine Khan in a tabloid quote, "Sonakshi and I have always been very cordial with each other. Katrina and I go to the same gym and when we bump into each other, we talk. She is my senior and I respect her for the standing that she has in the industry today. We may not be the best of friends, but there is certainly no problem between us.”

Presently, she is joyful at riding a crest of popularity for the movie 'Ready' number that has whipped up quite a chartbuster buzz. "I didn't know it would catch on with people so quickly but with Salman, anything that he does becomes a rage," blowups the Zrine who does not refuse that she bagged the song on Khan's recommendation.

And she is supremely proud of being referred to as a "Salman discovery." Says Zarine,"With Salman around, I don't have to bother about anything. He makes sure, everything is in place."

Steady comparisons with Katrina, however, may have crumpled her morale. Ms. Zarine says cautiously, "I don't know if it is good or bad. But it is important to have your own identity in this profession. The industry does not want clones." 

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Bindas News : Will the movie ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ be Abhi’s silver lining?

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The upcoming movie ‘Dum Maaro Dum’ has managed to make a lot of pre-release buzz. First of all it was the remake of the cult song –‘Dum Maaro Dum’; after the people of Goa were upset with the moviemakers for allegedly portraying them negatively, thankfully that has been put to rest before the movie’s release on Friday. The necessary question however is whether the movie will live up to hype? And more specially –will this movie finally break Abhishek Bachchcan’s jinx?

As at a recent press conference Abhishek Bachchan looked quite defensive, “Moot the topic of his string of the flops and a negative article in a sure national magazine and the actors reports, it does have a vast effect. It kills the confidents, it’s degrading and embarrassing, but it make me strike back too. Also, every 5 years some magazine or the other writes off the star, before me, they did the same to Hrithik Roshan, and we prove them wrong all the time. ” says the Indian Express article. 

Well, if he is preparing to strike back, it will be a welcome break from the sleepwalking we have seen in all his recent projects. It’s difficult to imagine that Abhi had shown some sparks of brilliance when he had acted the conflicted yet endearing Lallan Singh in the movie ‘Yuva’ or the imposing yet blemished Gurukant Desai in the movie ‘Guru’ or the sharp and manipulative Shankar in ‘Srkar’.  Director Mani Ratnam’s movie ‘Raavan’ was one of the most waited movies last year but Abhi just failed to attempt the layered character of Beera. He tired everything from soot to mud and even turmeric to look dangerous and dark but nothing could mask his entire ineptitude as an actor. Even in his latest upcoming movie ‘Game’, he alternated between a maximum of one-a-half expressions as acting the suave casino owner, a cool police or when mourning his dead girlfriend.

Well, here desires that Abhi realizes that just the Bachchan name is not going to be enough and it is about time that he got his act together.

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Bindas- News : Aishwarya not most beautiful woman

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Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, who had shared the podium with Miss World and one of Bollywood’s Aishwarya Rai Bachchan famous actress in the FICCI Frames 2011, does not find the beauty the most beautiful woman on the earth.

But do not acquire him incorrect. Here is what he had to say that when someone had tell him that world’s most beautiful woman will welcome him, he also was excited. He just thought it will be his wife Deborra. But after he know that it was Aishwarya rai.

Jackman talking about his wife and says, “I consider Aishwarya as a very beautiful woman, but certainly not the most beautiful on the earth. Because according to me , my wife Deborra is the most beautiful woman.”

Aishwarya, though at first amazed, got the super star’s homour and than acted along. Ash had gifted Hugh with a small Lord Ganesha’s statue. Aishwarya Rai said, “I welcome Hugh Jackman to India. He is one of the most diligent and handsome actor in the Hollywood. On the behalf of the Indians, I welcome him in our country with Lord Ganesha”

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Bindas news :Will Razia edge out Munni and Sheila?

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Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat’s new item song Razia gundo mein phas gayee in the Anees Bazmee’s movie ‘Thank You’ has been boasted as the  next big thing in Bolywood after Munni Badnaam and Sheila Ki Jawani. Still, most people who have had a glance of the promos, which begins rising last weekend, are rather let down with the picturisation. In spite of Mallika Sherawat’s presence, the song- composed through Pritam. Neither Mallika’s energy from the movie Dabangg-hit song Munni Badnaam, nor does it have the Katrina kaif’s effortless oomph from the movie Tess Maar Khan’s song Sheila Ki Jawani.  

Razia has been sung through playback singer Ritu Pathak- a former Indian Idol contestant and Master Saleem. It has been written through rising lyricist Ashish Pandit. Item songs are help in the marketing of a movie in its pre-release stage. They develop hype for the movie and grab eyeballs. The trouble with the song Razia is that, though the song is a winner, the makers have failed to do justice with the song the spirit and mood of the item. 

This item number looks like any routine item song. Unfourtunately, the makers of the movie Thank You look to be unaware of this. Of cource, half of the battle is won just because of Mallika Sherawat’s presence. Razia marks the return of Mallika Sherawat on the silver screen after a long time, so the expectations are so high.

Mallika left for an unsuccessful Hollywood tryst after her back to back movie release in the year 2008- Ugly Aur Pagli and Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam flopped. Mallika required a bang to return to Bollywood. Razia is hardly the song that can assure it.

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Bindas News : Salman Khan got Very Angry

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Katrina Kaif’s ex boyfriend Salman Khan is not very pleased with the recent I-T raid at the Katrina Kaif’s house.

Salman Khan slashed the raids through tweeting on twitter, “right to raid... Then we the right to question…. Then we have RIT …. Bataooo oh oh oh oh. ”. He meant that, if the IT officials have right to raid then we the people have the right to ask question them and also right to information (RTI). 

The Bollywood star who is come back on twitter after a long time of periods says a lot about the IT raids. He then tweeted to urge others to respond about it. “Aur ek insaan batao jo mere baat se dis agree karega…cheho chillao, kuch karo…” other next tweet, “Darr gaye kya? or am I wrong? Must b then! We’ll just keep it acting in movies. Y own friend do not want me to tweet. So good nite...”

We can just understand the Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s frustration; it was a matter concerned to Katrina Kaif who is yet a very good friend of Salman Khan.

Bindas News : Amir Khan will play negative role in Dhoom 3?

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The hit movie Dhoom’s third part is going to come. In this movie Amir Khan plays the role of villain. Bollywood super star Amir Khan is exited to play villain in Dhoom 3.

Amir Khan reported to the reporter that he just have signed Dhoom 3. He liked the script very much. He added that when he watched the movie Dhoom he liked it very much. He never thought that he would fit in such a movie. 

Aamir Khan said that when he listen the story of the movie from Victor, he really enjoyed. Very well written script, and very enjoyable. It is great to be a part of the movie, he added. He is also looking forward to work with Abhishek and Uday.

The writer of Dhoom and Dhoom 2 is Victor Acharya is the writer and derector of Dhoom 3.  The earlier movie is directed by Sanjay Gadhvi and stars Abhishek Bachchan  and Uday Chopra.

It is for the first time when he is doing negative role, an anti-hero in the mainstream movie. Actually, among he did another negative role in an offbeat movie ‘1947 Earth’.

This is the second time Amir is working with Yash Raj Films after the movie ‘Fanna’ in 2006. He told that he worked with Yash Raj Films and he has very comfortable relation with them.

Victor and producer Aditya Chopra are yet to decide the actress opposite Amir.

While ‘Dhoom’ stares with John Abraham as villain, and in ‘Dhoom 2’ saw Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai sizzle too.

Victor Acharya’s debut ‘Tashan’ in 2008 fared flop at the box office but that did not deter Amir Khan from signing his movie.

Amir said that Victor is a very talented director. No one have to decide a director’s capacity with the fate of his any other movies. He added that he has full faith in Victor.